Studio Policy

  If you are accepted as a student in Tzu-yi Chen’s studio, please realize you are making a commitment for at least one semester. This commitment is necessary to maintain continuity and progress in the learning period. Each student must have an adequately maintained piano (not a digital or electronic piano), a metronome, and a special time set aside each day for the practice.  Student must commit at least 75-90 minutes per practice (dependent on the current level), and 90-120 minutes before any registered graded event. The piano should be placed away from TV and telephone to provide a quiet atmosphere for solid lesson preparation.  Consistent daily practice is expected of all students and parents are asked to help reinforce this agreement. Inconsistent practice may result insufficient preparation for the events. Teacher has the right to determine whether additional class has to be added before such event occurs. Termination of this commitment maybe initiated by the Instructor if the student does not adhere to preparation requirement. If a family is transferred from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, a thirty-day notice must be given.  No other termination situations are acceptable.

  At Instructor’s discretion, Instructor may hold group grading sessions after every 8-9 lesson weeks for a learning assessment. Usually three to four group evaluations classes are held during one academic year. These hour-and-a-half sessions are held instead of regular private lessons. In most cases, the class will last longer because students have many pieces to play. These group lessons are designed to offer tips for technique, theoretical background, and performance-practice opportunities in a group setting. Instructor makes the appropriate evaluations and assessments based on the given materials, which required by the event(s), exam(s), and/or recital(s). The extra length of the group lessons may be applied to make-up time for the individual lessons missed by the student.

  There are many music activities available through various music organizations in this area. Only the testing program of the National Guild of American College Musicians is the qualifying examination for all 50 states of United States. The exam takes place usually between May and early June. It is required for all students to play in the final exam if the students commit to the entire year. If parents are interested in having their children (students) prepared for additional activities listed other than on WMTA (Washington D.C. Music Teachers Association), please advise me early in the fall (no later than September 30, 2022) so the appropriate music can be assigned and studied.

  Instructor’s administration duties include:  
- Pay teacher’s annual memberships at MTNA and WMTA (Washington D.C. Music Teacher Association) and American College Musicians, USA.
- Attend the mandatory meetings for teachers.
- Complete the application and finalize the payment for such events held under WMTA and Guild Audition.
- Make arrangement to book the audition space. Situations may vary subjected to the most updated COVID situation and the facility agreement.
- Collaborate with the representative chairs (of festival, Guild testing center, competition) for scheduling and for any attempt to facilitate the event
- Send lesson and event reminders to parents
- Collect and distribute the comment sheets, grading cards, award certificates and ribbons.

  Dress code for events will require girls to wear skirts or dresses.  Young men should wear dress slacks and a nice shirt.  Jacket and tie are expected only at the end of the year program but are certainly welcome at the other programs.  Sneakers or sport shoes are not acceptable.   
  Attendance at classes and recitals is REQUIRED.  A student unable to attend his regularly scheduled lesson should try to arrange a lesson time trade with another student.  Once the fall schedule is set, a “Swap List” will be provided for this purpose.  It is the responsibility of the student requesting the “swap” to notify teacher when a trade is to take place. If your child is ill, please be considerate of me and the other students and DO NOT send him (her) to the lesson.  If they are too sick to go to school, they should not come to a piano class.  The extra time offered with the group lessons will cover a lesson missed when no Swap was made.  Make-up lessons will be offered ONLY if I have cancelled lessons due to illness, performing or judging commitments.  So far, instructor has no problem with any parent based on mutual understanding and trust-worthy relationships. 
  My cell phone serves my primary work phone. Please call or text only when you will be late, absent, or decide to exchange lesson time with another student. The phone will be switched on during the teaching hours. Other days the phone may remain off.  If you want to discuss anything over the phone or express any concern, please email me to: Please kindly allow up to two business days for me to reply, if it is not an emergency. I am usually very responsive regarding your questions and concerns.
  Tuition is based on the total fee for the lessons given within the Term(s) which run from August 1st to December 31st, 2022, and then January 1st to May 31st, 2023. The total cost is budgeted the number of monthly installments of the Term, regardless of the number of lessons given each month.  
   There will be a $35.00 late fee due in addition to tuition for each payment received after the 1st of the month. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE!!

  If the student is late preparing for event(s) and need additional help from the Instructor or with the Assistant, the Instructor will notify the student of adding additional lessons. Each additional class will be charged separately as a private piano lesson, and shall be paid in-full before any lesson begin.

Student/ Parent or Guardian acknowledges that piano instruction requires physical contact between student and instructor in order to show the accurate hand movement and/or correct the finger touch.